Friday, October 30, 2009

Green Mountain, 10/30/09

We had an awesome time hiking Green today and there is quite a bit of snow on the trails as you would expect. Some trails are somewhat well trodden, but others have seen no traffic at all. We ascended Gregory/Ranger and the first half + mile was very slushy. The trail was reasonably consolidated for a bit before the ranger hut, then above that, it was mostly unconsolidated powdery snow. The wind has piled the snow deep along the ridge before the 4-way jct. and we took a few pictures of me wallowing in it (I deliberately got off trail). My inseam is nearly 35 inches and I was completely bottomed out. Sierra was going subterranean following my track.

I tried running some, up and down and it is somewhat slow and inefficent, so tomorrow should be a real workout (conditions are such that descending fast is a bit risky as each step is a mystery, a rolled ankle is a strong possibility if not really careful).

Not sure if I am going with my studded PI softshell Seek 3s, or my Gore Tex Sportiva Wildcats. I don't think any sort of traction will really help, but it might not hurt to have the studs as the shoes slide over snowy rocks (more of a controlled slide). Even though it is supposed to be warm tomorrow, I think pants would be prudent unless you don't mind postholing in shorts. Gaiters are a must.

1:30 up (going super easy and screwing around in the snow, taking pics etc...).
10 minutes on top
58 down

I took a bunch of photos, so I will them them continue the story.


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