Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday, 10/13/09 Bear Peak

Another dog jog with Sierra. I work 10 hour days, so when Allison is working (she works 13 hours days), or out of town (like this week), it is easiest for me to bring Sierra to work and then include her on the afternoon run, which is fine, since I am in no hurry to get home, but the flip side is that she is never in a hurry on the run and I am forced to go her pace (a good thing sometimes).

Either way, we had a great trip up Bear (don't know whether or not to call it a run with a lot of hiking, or a hike with a little bit of running). We jogged easy into the mouth of Fern, then hiked all but a few steps to the saddle and then it was just a walk from the saddle to the top. On the descent, the trail was mostly slick just about all the way down to the mouth of Fern and I went slow and cautious.

Today was another inversion day, 48 at the Cragmoor TH, yet it was probably 10 degrees warmer from the saddle to the summit which made for a comfortable trip. The trail still has plenty of ice and slush, but is melting well and should be mostly gone tomorrow.


Mesa 11:55
Slab 16:45
Saddle 29:45
Summit post 44:19
True summit 45:01
Summit post 46:00
Saddle 56:05
Mesa 1:08
Finish 1:19

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  1. Cool header pic.

    We need that deep snow soon to get those sub 25 descents in.