Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wednesday, 10/21/09 Sanitas

12:52 down

Sufficiently refreshed after a day off, I contemplated another day off, as the weather seemed a bit gloomy and I had limited time after work, but I figured what the heck, why not take a quick trip up Sanitas on the way home.

After negtiating my way through the gauntlet of construction projects (WTF with all the road construction and paving as of late? It is like bears and squirrels kicking it into overdrive before winter or something....).

I started up the S. Ridge at a slow pace, then imperceptably eased into a moderately paced lope. I felt good, but still was not willing to push myself in lieu of a possible more concerted effort the next day. I was just over 15 at the (almost) eternal puddle dip (my only true time check). I upped the pace from here to the high side of moderate for 3 minutes, still not willing to dig in, then was surprised to see low 18s at the last turn, so I put in a little more effort and made the post in 18:57. I was hoping to be in the 19 range without pushing and I exceeded that by a bit.

The descent was wet and muddy and a bit slick in spots, but I managed to get back in 12:52 without rattling myself too much. My feet felt quick and accurate today, though my lungs were filling with mucus, so I hope it is just poor air quality and not a harbinger of things to come. (I feel fine as I write this the next morning).

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