Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saturday, 11/07/09 Green

The weather is still unseasonably warm. It was tempting to go to the high mountains, but even more tempting to not pack gear, not get up early, not drive far and not hike in snow, so I met Brandon and J.P. for a local run from Chautauqua.

The warm weather has really put the melt on the snow, as the trail was mostly melted all the way up to the summit, with only some inconsequential patches to negotiate. From Chautauqua, we ran up Gregory/Ranger to the top of Green, then West to SuperFlag, down Flagstaff road to the Amphi road jct. and headed down the backside of Flag to Red Lion, bike path to Eben G, then up Flag to the jct. with the main trail and back to Chautauqua.

Went mostly easy to moderate pace, except for the beginning where Brandon took it out hard. I was having trouble with the liter of water I just drank at the car (forgot my hand bottle, so I carried it all in my stomach instead). Felt great to be out on such a nice day and was great to run with Brandon and JP.

Brandon's much better than mine blog post.

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