Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thursday, 11/27/09 Bear Peak

Met Brandon for an early morning run up Bear before I had to head into work. We went a fairly casual pace, which was great, as my legs were not feeling much zip after going a little hard yesterday. I'm totally digging the uppermost section of Bear right now with the Microspikes, as I can cruise faster than I can in the summer (well, maybe I don't have the fitness for the up, but the down is very fast and fun). I would love to get conditions like January 2007, the perfect packed trough with the Microspikes, I think I could set a descent PR, hopefully we get a few good storms to make that happen.

Up in ~53, hung out on the top for a bit, then took it mostly easy on the down for a total of 1:37 RT (total, not stopping the timer). Thanks for getting out Brandon, it was great to have company this morning.


  1. Jeff- When you said you went into "work", did you mean to "work" on your big meal? Jealous of those peaks,