Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday, 12/18/09 Two Laps on Green

It was a nice day and I did not have a lot to do, so I figured I would take advantage and get out for a lap on Green before I was to meet Brandon and Aron at noon.

1st Lap:

40:54 up
21 down

Went up/down Amphi/Saddle/Greenman. The trail is extemely icy all the way to the
1st Flatiron turn, then nice packed snow above that. The Microspikes came in extremely handy and I got great traction the entire time. I felt surprisingly good, but went pretty easy for the most part, since I pushed a little yesterday and was going to do a second lap afterwards. Made the summit in 40:54, turned around and made very quick work of the nice packed upper section and really enjoyed just flying through the woods. I was a bit more cautious on the lower icy sections though, as it would be a bit easier to make a mistake. 21 minutes back to the Gregory lot.

I spent about ~20 minutes or so in my car, refueling, changing into a dry shirt/jacket and generally warming up with the heat on.

Brandon showed up a bit before noon, then Aron. I spent a few minutes setting up his shoes with a few screws so he could get traction on the ice.

Lap 2:

Up in ??:??
Down in ??:??

Headed up Gregory/Ranger to get a little sun/warmth (the first lap was shady/cold the entire time 10:30am-11:30am). We went really easy on this lap and I had forgotten that I had done a lap previously, which was a good thing.

On the upper section, I could tell Brandon was raring to haul ass and Aron was taking it a bit easier. I encouraged Brandon to go ahead while I hung back with Aron. Near the top, we bumped into Tony again and his girlfriend Jocelyn. We exchanged introductions and chatted with them for a bit, before heading to the top.

Spent 5+ on the summit, before heading back down the way we came. At times we went pretty fast just for kicks. Good stuff.

Topped the day off with Smashburger in Lafayette. Great day with great friends.

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