Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunday, 02/21/10 Local Run

~5.5 miles
46 minutes

I had planned on running Green after work, but unfortunately, last minute adjustments to my schedule foiled that plan.

After dinner, I sat at the computer to catch up on a few blogs and felt like a fat, lazy slouch compared to all my fellow bloggers, so, 16 degrees, dark and snowy night be damned, I suited up and headed out the door into the darkness for a little mental redemption if anything. I ran a combination of single-track, unplowed paths, plowed paths, neighborhood streets, sidewalks etc.... At first, I wondered what I was doing out in the loose snow and lousy weather, shouldn't I be sitting on the couch watching the Olympics snacking or something?

In 5 minutes or so, I started to warm up nicely and settled into a steady rhythm. I really began to enjoy the conditions, as it was so quiet and peaceful and I was perfectly comfortable. Though I never felt particularly fast with all the bulky clothes and unsure footing, I felt as though I could have run for hours, but unfortunately needed to get back, so I pulled the plug at 46 minutes.