Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday, 02/28/10 Green Mountain

I brought a variety of warm running clothes with me to work, just in case I decided to go up Green after work. I was on the fence, but in the middle of the day, my friend Bruce gave a call to see if he could join me. Bruce is a bit new to Winter trail running, so I sent him on a pre-run trip to seek out Microspikes. He stopped at REI and they were out, but he got maybe the next best thing, a pair of Yak Trax Pro.

Driving into Boulder, it began to snow quite hard and visibility became a bit reduced. Had Bruce not gone out of his way to meet me, I may have bailed, but since he was there waiting, I was committed.

This was Bruce's first time up Green, so I figured I would take him up the most fun and efficient route, Amphitheater/Saddle Rock/Greenman. Although it had not been snowing long, it was snowing hard and was accumulating quickly on the trail, maybe 1-2 inches in spots. The pace was casual and I was glad to be out in the falling snow, it was so quiet and tranquil, it felt as though we had the mountain to ourselves (we did).

We made it to the summit in 54, chatting all the while. The descent was also casual in the fading light (39).

143 miles/52,120 vertical for the month (since Feb. 10th).
15 full trips up Green (+4 partial summits = 19 visits)
3 x Bear
3 x S. Boulder

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