Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday, 03/22/10 Green Mountain

Started off easy up through Gregory Canyon, Sierra and I were in perfect sync, just cruising along. My legs and lungs felt great and I felt as though I could push harder if I wanted, but just above the cabin, I started to bonk big time. All I could think about was food and how much I regretted not bringing a GU and Microspikes, as traction was not nearly as good as yesterday. The descent was slick and my energy levels were quickly dropping. I was slipping all over and uncoordinated on the snow and ice, then my feet were having trouble getting over and around the rocks back through Gregory. Luckily I had some food in the car which prevented an emergency trip through the Wendys drive through (I never do this, but was contemplating it seriously for a while).


Cabin: 17:55
4-way: 39:44
Summit: 43:26
Descent: 32

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  1. Next time...take your cell phone and emergency call me! I will rush there and bring you hot Smashburger on the mountain. You can refuel and continue on.