Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday, 03/27/10 Green Mountain

Allison and I were looking for a tidy morning workout, so what better than Green?

Her plan was to just hike Amphi/Saddle, then at the Greenman jct., head down toward Ranger and I would go to the top and catch her on the way down.

Though my quads were slightly tired from 3 laps on Green the previous day, I felt surprisingly good and was making OK time despite the conditions and moderate effort. After our stomping the trail yesterday and those who had packed it afterwards, condtions were pretty good in spots, although a bit loose and narrow on the upper 1/4.

I made the summit in 41:20, spent a moment on the summit rock and then ran back down Greenman until I met up with Allison at the Greenman/Ranger jct.. Running downhill, I realized that my downhill muscles were a little sore (vs. my uphill muscles only being a little tired). My arms and shoulders were also a little sore, maybe from all the balancing in the narrow track.

I was dressed just right for running, but shortly before meeting up with Allison, the brief spell of sunshine we enjoyed on the ascent faded and it began to snow lightly. Once my run morphed into a hike, I got really cold and was glad to get back to the car and blast the heat. Had I been solo, I might have considered a second lap just for grins.

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