Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday, 03/18/10 Eldo/Walker

This was a repeat of last Saturdays "long" run (or maybe I should call that "longer" run) and I was itching to go a bit faster. I had high hopes of pushing myself really hard, but my legs were having none of it.

I used the approach into Eldo as a warm up, starting from where the road turns to dirt and taking the usual game trail/Fowler Trail approach. The Fowler Trail, though flat, was a bit scary, as it was water polished ice and I noticed the sometimes large drop to the right more than normal. I tiptoed through here gingerly.

I topped off my bottle at the visitors center and I was on my way up the initially steep Eldorado Trail, just jogging it out, not really pushing at all and trying to take it easy on my heavy and somewhat fatigued legs. I thought about just running to Walker and turning around, but figured I would just take it one step at a time and see what happens. I hit the Walker loop in 37 minutes even, not great, but 2 minutes faster than last weekend (mainly because I had a few delays last weekend, but I'll take the 2 minute advantage).

Again I went clockwise so I could ascend the dangerous stairs above the cliffs next to the river. They have melted a little, but there is one spot on the highest point where I would not want to be going down without traction right now and it was even a bit dicey going up. There was a little less snow/ice on the trail, but what was left is becoming water polished and bulletproof. I pretty much gave in to just casual jogging and it felt as though I was going much slower than last week, but I ended up 2 minutes quicker on the loop as well and was now 4 minutes ahead of last week. This is where the comparisons end though, as I turned around last week to hike with Allison and Emily, but today I kept pushing.

Though I was hurting a bit, I figured it would be good for me to push some on tired legs and though I wanted to back off, I kept upping the pace and intensity and actually started to feel better as I did this. Must have been adreneline or delirium, I'm not sure.

All in all a great run due to the weather, it was fun just being out in the warm sun enjoying the day, knowing how crappy and snowy it is going to be tomorrow. Though I did not run as fast/feel as good as I hoped, I was a bit quicker than last weekend despite it feeling like I had scaled back the intensity due to my heavy legs.


Warmup to start of Eldo Trail/Visitors Center: 16 minutes
Started timer Eldo to Walker: 37 minutes
Walker Loop: 1:14 for the loop/1:51 from Eldo
Back to Eldo: 2:25 (not including the 16 minute warmup)
Back to car: 9 minutes
Total: 2:50


  1. There's something in the air. I was way flat today, too. Maybe its the change in barometric pressure brought on by the approaching snowstorm. Or, maybe I'm just lame...

  2. I was running from Walker to Eldo between 8:30am and 9:00am... It took me 5 minutes and a busted ass to descend the stairs, seriously dangerous with out traction. You would drop a good 50 ft from the top with the right slip. Next time you run that let me know if you want company.

  3. Big base stuff here. Good stuff.