Monday, April 12, 2010

Saturday, 04/10/10 Green Mountain

The plan was to meet Tony at the Gregory Canyon TH at 7:30am and run up Green with him as he was beginning his 43 mile day.  At the last minute, Lucho signed on, as did Brandon, but opted to start a little ahead of us.  I got there a little early GZ style and ran up Gregory a ways, bumped into Brandon on my way down, ran back up with him for a very short while, then cruised through Chautauqua hoping to intercept Tony.

We eventually convened at the TH and began the run.  I was feeling decent, until we started up the icy bobsled run, otherwise known as trail above the cabin.  I was really wishing for screw shoes at the very least, as seeking out pine needles, bumps of frozen slush, rocks, twigs, patches of dry ground and such for traction was really inefficient.  Lucho eventually had enough and bailed (can't blame him as conditions were probably the worst I have seen in a long time).  Tony and I continued on, but pace was dictated and slowed by all the ice.

Made the summit in 38:30 where Brandon was waiting and spent a long while chatting it up.  Brandon and I headed out the much less treacherous W. Ridge to Superflag and ran the road until we could catch the trail, which was much more enjoyable.

Up: 38:30 (169 avg. HR)
Down: 43:??

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