Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday, 05/10/10 Bear Peak

Started from Cragmoor, up Shanahan to Fern. Went pretty easy up to the saddle waiting on Sierra and was itching to go faster. From the saddle, I upped the effort to moderate, feeling decent,but never really pushing. Took it really easy on the down, waiting often for Sierra, as she was getting a bit tired and as usual, lags behind majorly below the Mesa Trail for some reason (I think she is more motivated on singletrack).

Cragmoor: 0:00
Shanahan jct.: 2:56
Mesa: 10:46
Saddle: 28:30
Summitpost: 42:15
Summit: 42:51 (avg. HR 157/max 178)
Descent: 32:12 (avg. HR 125/max 148)

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