Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday, 05/24/10 Bear Peak

Woke up 20 minutes late this morning and was in a fog, just felt 1 step behind and out of sync all day.  Dogless today, I had ambitions to do something a little more than the normal Green Mountain dog jog, but the cranking wind all afternoon did nothing to snap me out of my malaise.  As I walked out the door of work, I contemplated just heading home and blowing the run off as I was getting tossed about in the wind, but figured I would head to Bear and see how it went.

Within a few steps up the Cragmoor connector trail, I knew I was not feeling it and almost bailed, but I was in a wind shadow and it was reasonably nice out, so I just plugged along at a steady pace.  Just going up the peak was a bit of an effort, the steps seemed larger than normal, but I never put much into it, just kind of put my head down and focused on one step at a time.  Made the saddle in 26:30ish, not great, but not terrible either.  I normally love the steep upper section, but today both my mind and body balked at the gradient.

The wind picked up toward the top and it got a little cold, so I just used the cold as an excuse to skip heading over to SoBo.  Coming down, it felt as though I had 2 left feet.  Back at the car, I was glad I got out, but even more glad to be done.  Just one of those days I guess.  Heading to bed early hoping to recoup.

Up: 40:27 (avg HR 159/max 172)
Down: 27:18 (avg 130/max 156)

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