Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday, 05/15/10 3.25 Laps on Sanitas

Last night I was all packed and ready to go "run" Grays and Torreys, but a faltering forecast and Winter weather advisories (thunder/lightning too) inspired me to save it for a nicer day.

I called Homie to see if he could get a morning pass and he suggested that we go keep Scott Jaime company for a few laps on Sanitas, which sounded great to me.  We met at 9:30 and debated what would be the best way to find him.  We figured he would most likely be going clockwise, so we went counter, but had no luck.  We then started up the S. Ridge going clockwise and bumped into him ~1/4 of the way up.  I introduced myself as something like "JV from the blog world/friend of George Zack" or something silly like that.

Scott had been going since 5am and was on his 8th lap, but was still moving pretty well.  We chatted about all things running through his 9th and 10th lap and also linked up with Garrett Graubins for the last lap who had just run the skyline traverse, followed by an extra lap on Sanitas and was going run back to S. Mesa on the Mesa trail.

It was great to meet and chat with these guys and of course, as always, great getting out with Homie.  Hopefully this will be the first run of many with these new friends.

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  1. Funny because I intro as a friend of JV's.