Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday, 06/24/10 Green Mountain

Because of a mistake(s) courtesy of Comcast, I had to waste the entire morning not getting outside.  It wasn't until early afternoon where I had a chance to finally get out and I had grand plans to run Green/Bear/SoBo.  I started "running" up Amphitheater trail and it was immidiately obvious that simply summiting Green today would be a lofty goal.  It was so hot, I was just draining my hand bottle of electrolyte drink and if I had not restrained myself, it would have been gone halfway up.  Several minutes in (or 1:30 to be exact), I elected to just hike this one out.  I jogged perhaps 5 percent of the ascent and was surprised to see a fair amount of other people out there.  Conditions were perhaps equally as miserable as the coldest/snowiest day this past winter.

Up: 41:05
Down: 27

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