Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday, 06/01/10 Green Mountain and May Stats

Ran Gregory/Ranger with Sierra.  My hamstrings were killing me on the ascent (felt better though halfway up), so I just jogged easy and hiked much of it.  The down full on sucked, hamstrings and quads were like rubber, again I just walked for the most part, jogging on occasion.  Hoping to go easy the next few days and rebound for a good dig at Evans on Friday.

Up: 46:50 (avg HR 136)
Down (front): 32:08 (avg HR 98)

May Stats:

OK, my stats pale next to Tony, Brandon and George, but figured I would throw them out there FWIW.

Vertical: 74,500
Miles: 207
Green: 20
Bear: 3
SoBo: 2
Sanitas: 3
14ers: 5


Vertical: 283,970
Miles: 806
Green: 70
Bear: 8
SoBo: 7
Sanitas: 12
14ers: 6
13ers: 1
Sets of twins conceived: 1


  1. Congrats on the last data point! Maybe we can do a double jogger FKT up Flagstaff next year?

  2. Thanks Tim, I'll be hitting you up for double baby jogger running tips. I already have plans to come up your way and run the dirt roads you speak of with the twins. Maybe go run Vail Pass? Evans before/after the road opens?

  3. Man... you're going to LOVE it! I think you'll thrive on the challenge. I bought a Trek double bike trailer (on Craigslist) that converts to a running jogger so we can bike with the kids too. Anytime you want to come up just let me know. You can get solid vertical up to 9000ft+ and the roads are quiet and safe with almost zero traffic. Phenomenal running... harder than Green by far (with the stroller)!
    We also have been just donating our boy's clothes to Goodwill so if you want us to 'donate' clothes to you instead just let us know!
    Man... I'm psyched for you. Kids are the greatest thing ever!

  4. Watch out! That thing is LOADED.

  5. Congrats to both of you! You two will share a wonderful world with those two! Sleep deprivation training in effect!