Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday, 08/24/10 Bear Peak

After an involved trip to the dentist to have two fillings replaced and a crown put on, I was close to home and it was still somewhat early.  With the cooler weather today, I decided to include Sierra, as she has been cooped up lately and called Tim at the last minute.

We met at the Cragmoor TH at 4:30pm and started off at a casual, but somewhat labored pace as I was still tight from my previous nights grudge run up/down Green Mountain and was preoccupied with my still novacained mouth and tongue.

A short ways up the Fern Canyon trail, we jumped off (left) onto the Slab access trail and took that to the upper/back side of the Slab.  From there, we scampered up a steep spine of broken rock ledge and talus on the East face, nearly to the summit, where we found a lightly used access trail to the main trail just ~200 feet from the top.  I have done this "route" a handful of times, but it was new for Tim.  I could tell he was wondering where the heck I was leading him and was thinking we might spend the night out, kind of like our Winter Longs Peak trip last year.

1:06 up
???? down

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  1. Thanks for almost killing me (again). Fun time seeing the flatirons from the inside! Thanks