Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday, 10/08/10 Bear/S. Boulder

I was mentally into going fast, but my body was having none of it.  Started from Cragmoor again shortly after 10am and intended to put in a hard effort up Fern, but after arriving at the Mesa Trail in a disappointing 10:05 at what felt like a harder effort than 2 days ago (was nearly a minute faster at a much lower perceived effort on Wednesday), I decided to bang a right and back off the intensity a bit and just cruised over to Bear Canyon/West Ridge to the summit of Bear.  Bear Canyon is awesome right now and really looks like fall (thanks for the tip Tony).  Made a casual trip to SoBo and back, then down Fern back to the car and bonked on the way down, making me a bit sloppy(er) and slow(er).

Mesa Trail:  10:05
Mouth of Bear Canyon:  15:20
W. Ridge Jct.:  36:40
Bear: 1:01
SoBo: 1:11
Bear: 1:21
Saddle: 1:29
Finish: 1:49

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