Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday, 11/01/10 Green Mountain

After walking around Chautauqua with Allison, Amelie, Isabelle and Sierra, I got an hour long pass to hit up Green Mountain while they hung out on the lawn next to the van.  After a ~5 minute casual warm up to the Gregory TH, I started my watch and headed up Amphi/Saddle/Greenman at a moderate, but lousy feeling pace.  My legs felt like lead and it was as though I were running on a slippery treadmill and seemed as though I was going nowhere, or at least nowhere fast.  I debated cutting the run short, as to not hold up the family, but I just kept going, not pushing, but not really holding back either.  My time splits were nothing great, but not as terrible as it felt, so I pressed a little bit harder for the next 8 or 9 minutes above the Saddle Rock/Greenman Junction (only because it is flat/down for a short while) and then slowly faded toward the end, topping out in a better than anticipated 33:55.  Nothing great, but much better than I would have guessed early on.  My final split was actually close to PR pace, so I guess I just needed a bit of a warm up.  The final switchbacks were coated in a light dusting of snow, a nice surprise and a reminder that Winter is right around the corner on this first day of November.



Down in 20:55

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