Sunday, January 9, 2011

Saturday, 01/08/11 Bear/S. Boulder/Green

I was feeling a strong urge to do something different and being granted a little extra time, I figured I would make the most of it and re-visit a few long lost pals.  Started from Cragmoor around 1pm, headed up Shanahan, Fern, out/back to SoBo, W. Ridge, Green/Bear, Ranger, Bear Canyon, Mesa, Shanahan back to Cragmoor. 

Started off at a casual jog to the start of Fern, then hiked to the summit of Bear.  I had intended to just go over to tag SoBo, but I was enjoying being outside so much, I could not help myself but to cruise W. Ridge over to Green for kicks.  I kept the pace mellow for the whole run, just cruising and taking in my surroundings and loving the day. 

Trail conditions were perfect for studded shoes and I was sorry that I packed Microspikes in my PFD.  There was still plenty of snow, but it was well consolidated and there were plenty of dry and rocky stretches of trail as well, so using spikes would mean wasting a lot of time with on/off, or killing them on rock.  Unless we start getting some serious snow, it is time to embrace the screw shoes again.

Splits (including ~1 minute on each summit)

Bear:  :47-48
SoBo:  :59-1:00
Bear Again: 1:09
Bear Canyon:  1:29
Green:  1:46-47
Mesa:  2:15
Finish at Cragmoor:  2:28

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