Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday, 02/19/11 Green Mountain

For a change of pace and scenery, I decided to ascend Gregory/Greenman, or what some refer to as the "middle route".  Today I decided to spike up for the first ~:49 seconds of luge run at the start after scaring myself a bit tip toeing on it yesterday.  Made decent progress up Gregory, pushing a little where flattish, but then really cutting back and just hiked some sections where it was steeper, being cautious of my achilles mostly.

Like yesterday, a load of hard glare ice, uneven frozen footprints, dry rock sections (all too short to warrant removing the spikes) and finally a few minutes of bliss on perfectly packed snow on the final switchbacks to the summit.  In my mind, the route seems just slightly longer than the other two usual routes, but after running it today, it seemed bit longer than I remember (at least regarding time).

Enjoyed the summit for a while, debating which descent route would be the lesser of 5 evils.  Ultimately decided to backtrack the way I came.  Almost had a head on with two runners ascending Greenman below the Saddle/Greenman jct. on a blind sweeping turn (not that close, but closer than usual with the ice).  After the fact, I realized it may have been Jason S, but I have never met him and it all happened a little quick.

44:27 up
30:31 down



  2. We should all start wearing name tags on Green. "Hi, my name is: Mtnrunner2". I'm serious, I might actually do that :)

    Ran some pretty icy stuff Saturday in Jefferson County. Everything from snow to mud. By far the most fun I've had in a while.

    Someone needs to take down my "FKT" for the Gregory parking lot > Saddle Rock > Greenman route. You can do it! You're like 15 minutes faster than me.