Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday, 02/16/11 Lagerman Reservoir

Had a reasonably enjoyable run from work, out to Lagerman Reservoir and back. It actually seemed hot today, but the price for the warmth was a strong Westerly wind which I fought for half of the run. Headed West on Pike Rd. and as per usual, was hating it for the first mile or so as I debated just bagging the run. With each mile that passed beneath my feet though, I became increasingly accepting of it and even came to enjoy it by the time I got to the dirt road leading to the reservoir (note to self, drive the 5 minutes of pavement to get to the dirt next time to spare myself the misery of plodding along streets and sidewalks). The reservoir was larger than I expected and made for a pleasant loop with great views before I had to head back toward work. The tailwind on the way back was great, mainly because I could now hear the podcast I was trying to listen to.

Ironically, when I returned to work and checked my e-mail, I got the following comment to my blog from Kraig:

"Jeff, you work really close to my house. If you take Clover Basin west there are some nice gravel roads to run on past Lagerman Res or 81st street to Oxford Rd.  It is around 2 miles of pavement to get to the gravel."

8 miles
150 vertical
59 minutes
155 avg. HR

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