Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up 02/07/11 - 02/13/11

I'm still taking it easy on my achilles by taking time off and spending a lot of time over here getting in some great baby jogger walks and thoroughly enjoying it.

Thursday, 02/10/11:  2.5 miles pushing the baby jogger through un-shoveled sidewalks, snowbanks and slush.

Friday, 02/11/11:  3 miles with the jogger on dryer, but still often times snow covered paths.

Saturday, 02/12/11:  Green Mountain from Chautauqua with Brandon, up back, down front.  Casual pace, just catching up really and not pushing the achilles (51 up).

Sunday, 02/13/11:  Green Mountain with Allison and Sierra (up/down back).  Started late morning and the temp was warm, but the wind was cranking pretty good.  At the last minute, I grabbed a few extra articles of warm clothing and sure was glad that I did, as the easy pace, combined with the howling wind made me really cold.  Might have passed by Shad in Gregory Canyon, but realized it after the fact.  The creaky trees were a bit un-nerving at times and I was nearly lifted off the ground on several occasions.  Our summit stay was brief.  (up in 1:07, down in 40).  Sierra seems to be getting back to her old self, not sure what her problem was in the fall, but she is a stout mountain dog again and seems to recover well afterwards.

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