Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday, 03/26/11 Shanahan Hike

Allison and I took the girls and Sierra for a nice hike today, starting from what I have affectionately nicknamed the "F YOU!!" trailhead on Stony Hill Rd. (just South of the Bear Creek TH, in a very expensive neighborhood) that I learned about from one of the best Ultrarunners in the country who happens to hold the RRR record, Miwok record and zillions of other CRs/wins who shall remain nameless ;).

The offbeat trail leads to the Shanahan Trail just below Mesa, where we then continued to the Slab, down Fern, right on Mesa, straight up the "road" past the right turn to continue on Mesa and then on a lesser travelled trail back to the trail that leads back down to the F YOU trailhead.  The girls had a great time and enjoyed taking in the sights and sounds.  It was a beautiful day to get out, but I was secretly wishing I could go tearing up Bear Peak at full effort.  Eventually.

Signage at the "F YOU!!" trailhead.  I don't really see this as legit, as you are immediately in open space as indicated by the signs 10 feet to the right of this sign.  I interpret the sign as "Go away from our fancy neighborhood, we don't want you riff raff here in our back yard as we are soooo snooty and rich, that we live in Boulder AND have our own trailhead that we just can't bear to share".  Lame.  I would be interested to know more about this if anybody knows for sure.  Either way, I am not too worried about it.

Allison, Amelie and Sierra

I get Isabelle


  1. Looks like a great day :)

    It's possible they are just being jerks and not wanting someone to cross a tiny strip of private property, but I also wonder if that sign went up after the "land grab" case (or is a similar form of legal defensiveness). It's even in the same general area.

    One of the criteria used in that adverse possession suit was whether you just let people walk across your property rather than post it. I you do, you could lose your land. So putting a sign like that might protect them from being sued and losing their property to the likes of legal sharks like Stevens/McLean.

    I hope they reformed that law. It was intended for cases where land was abandoned, not for neighbors to steal each other's property.

  2. Per, it looks like the property on Stony Hill is owned by the Devils Thumb Homeowners Association.

  3. Homie - That map site is over the top! Thanks.

    Thing is, the Bear Mtn. Dr. access (which is mentioned on the sign) cuts across the same tract of land. Looks like they just don't want people on their cul-de-sac.

  4. Interesting name for the trailhead Jeff.. very apropos though. I have run up that trailhead for about 12 years and none of the locals ever say anything. I have said hey to the few I see and they reply nice enoughly.. enoughly, hmm?
    BTW I think that FU TH is the start for the trip to Bear peak. It'd be close betw that one and Cragmoor, as Cragmoor is 100 ft higher, but a slightly longer run.

  5. Good info guys, thanks. I can't imagine anybody saying anything going through there, but I just get a little miffed by such signs. Maybe I would think differently if I lived there though.

    Dave, enoughly? You were a spelling bee champ before an ultrarunning champ, I guess you are not as well trained... ;).

    I think running Bear from the FU TH would be a few minutes longer.