Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday, 04/05/11 March Stats

Not much to report, as I am still trying to get over this achilles thing.  Last week I thought I was making great progress with the treatment/therapy I have been undergoing (but still resolved to take a few more weeks for good measure), but then without any outside influences (that I can think of or recall), has taken a turn for the worse.  I am limping a bit again and feel as though I am back to square one which is really starting to suck. 

Back in January, I thought a few weeks or a month off would be all I needed and I would be back at it soon, but here it is, April 5th already and I am not seeing light at the end of the tunnel.  Earlier in the year I contemplated a few Spring/early Summer races, but now I am feeling like I will be lucky if I can get training for Pikes by May or June.  Grrrr.....   Meanwhile, the bike riding is a blast and I am having fun taking care of my girls (

March Stats:

Hike/jog miles:  21.5
Vertical:  4,450
Summits:  1 (that peak near Eldo)

Bike miles:  342 (280 of which were on the MTB/trails)
Bike vertical:  Wish I knew, but these rides consist of countless rollers and small climbs and I don't feel like calculating, but I am sure it is a fair bit.
Times almost getting leveled by the wind:  Countless

Got a kick out of this cartoon (though if I wrote it, I would be fully dressed for a ride, watch Flanders, then go out for a ride)



  1. JV - I thought Achilles issues were due to tight calves, because obviously not everyone who runs hills has issues. What are they saying?

    My main interest in most sporting events is in getting people inside so there's more elbow room on trails.

    Like the twin site. Lucky kids.

  2. Great comic. I still get that goofy out of place feeling when I meet "athlete" guys who are all about some team of football ... and I am there in my short shorts, compression sox, etc.