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Lake Isabelle

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Anyone having trouble with blogger comments?

For the past few weeks (month?) I have been having a heck of a time commenting on blogger. I type up a nice and thoughtful response (or not), choose my google account under the "comment as" drop down. Then, one of 3 things happens.

1st scenario: I type a nice comment, select my google account, typically 3 or 4 times, THEN I get a jumble of letters/numbers for the security code (which I normally screw up at least once), then my comment will post.

2nd scenario: I type a nice comment, select my google account, then it dumps me over to the google sign in page, even though I am sure that I am signed in (can check gmail, post pictures to picasa, post or edit on any one of my blogs etc....). When this happens, I lose the comment that I had just typed and am then a combination of being frustrated and/or out of time to do it again, OR I type it up again (if it was a short comment) and still get kicked to the log in screen and lose it again.

3rd scenario: It works fine.

What gives? This happens on both my work and home computers, so I am guessing it is some sort of blogger setting or glitch, but I can’t really figure out a pattern or cause/effect as it is so random.

Does this happen to anyone else? Any thoughts or ideas?


  1. Ditto, all the time. I saw that Shaun K commented about this over at GZ's and I responded with the affirmative there too. I've Googled it and read a lot of the same problems. There are various proposed fixes, but the only thing that works for me is when it kicks you back to the sign in screen, leave the "stay signed in" box unchecked. Seems to go through with no problems then.

  2. I don't have the problem during commenting but it may be because I'm already logged in to Google Reader.

    I do have the problem a bit when logging into my account, and I usually just close all browser windows and maybe clear the browser temp files, because the message says the error has to do with my browser not accepting the cookie. This seems to help.

    Justin, that kind of makes sense if the problem is cookies. The login always uses cookies, but it also sets the expiration if you check the box. One more thing to not work.

    Haven't found a permanent solution. Blogger and Google in general uses many different servers and maybe my browser doesn't like that and I need to relax cookie security a tad. That might explain why it's intermittent; maybe pages from certain Google servers work and others don't. It could change on every request.

  3. I can't post comments ever! :)

  4. Comments don't work over 8,000 feet.

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  6. For what it worth, I am using Chrome for all Google transactions ... and never have these issues.

    Except the "nice" comment part.