Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday, 06/04/11 Sanitas Valley

7.03 miles/1,134 vert./1:14:27 Garmin Data

Headed to Boulder again with Amelie and Isabelle.  Parked near Eben G. Fine Park, crossed the creek to Settlers Park and tried to get to Sanitas by pushing them over the Anemone/Red Rocks saddle.  I almost made it, but was turned around just after I crossed the bridge over the irrigation ditch, where it got a bit too steep and rough to push a 65+lb jogger (though I gave it a solid try, my shoes did not have adequate traction and the risk of slipping was too great). 

I headed back down to Pearl St., then cut over to 4th/Mapleton and on up the Sanitas Valley Trail to the sign board which was a real grunt with the steep grade, loose gravel and hot sun.  We then headed North to Acorn Ln. and S. Cedar Brook Rd. for some extra hills.  I contemplated heading up Linden, but it is a bit too narrow and trafficky to feel safe running with the babies.

Backtracked and then meandered through the Mapleton Hill neighborhood and glanced at some of the yard sales going on (but saw no kids stuff).  Stopped at U-Bikes and had a long chat with Doug (owner/old boss/good friend), then had the ergonomic grips on the Chariot glued since they have been annoyingly rotating all the time.  At the end of the run, we spent a few minutes relaxing in the shade in the park which the girls really seemed to enjoy.

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