Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday, 07/12/11 Green Mountain

Up/Down front  4.12 miles/2,279 vert./52:19 RT (33:08 up/19:11 down)/169 avg. HR Garmin Data

Decent day on the mountain with the light rain at the start, overcast sky, cooler temps, damp trail, good legs and good breathing (no phlegm choking today).  Started reasonably conservative, but with a ~6:20 ish split at the first check, I knew it would be a good climb.  I upped the effort a bit, but never felt like I was digging too deep.  Was pretty close to PR pace most of the way and I think I got a bit complacent with the effort and just rolled a comfortable pace, pushing, but not at the same time.  Felt way easier today than the labored 34:++ 2 weeks ago and even though it was not a PR or in the 32 range as I was hoping to sneak in at, it was my best time this year.

Ran well on the descent, feet felt very accurate and precise today (despite tripping up the stairs today at work and almost spilling my lunch), so I rolled pretty well, but never really taking any chances either, just let it flow.  Was happy too with the RT time, perhaps one of my top 3 ever.

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