Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday, 08/07/11 Green Mountain

Up Back/Down Front 4.69 miles/2,296 vert./1:04:13(40:38 up)/155 avg HR Garmin Data

Reasonably mellow run.  Felt decent despite it feeling crazy hot this afternoon, but was holding back a lot since I want to be fresh for my Grays/Torreys run on Tuesday, as I am looking to nail one last high altitude run before I ease into my taper for Pikes on the 21st. 

Was cruising relatively mellow on the descent and saw a few guys stopped at the Greenman/Saddle jct..  As I approached, the guy with a dog (Anthony I would later find out) took off running down the Saddle Rock trail.  I was tempted to chase, but figured I would stick to my plan of going mellow, just maintain my pace and see what happened.  I slowly crept up on him and his dog (he was slowing a bit to wait on the dog) and noticed he was running in Vibram 5 fingers which made the effort even more impressive.  If he were in cushioned shoes and without the dog, I am sure he would have really given me a run for it, certainly faster than I was looking to go today.

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