Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday, 08/23/11 Green Mountain

Up/Down Front 4.03 miles/2,326 vert./1:10:18 (41:25 up)

After a much needed rest day yesterday, I was itching to get on the trails again today just for the fun of it and even though it was blazing hot, for some reason I actually enjoyed the heat today for a change.  My legs were tired, but my mental energy was good and I felt decent on the climb, yet still went easy as there was really no reason to push.  The descent was a bit more slow and deliberate, as my quads and feet are still a little sore.

2 days after Pikes I am feeling a combination of relief that the race is over mixed with a bit of sadness that it has already passed.  I really had more fun running the Pikes Peak Marathon (my first marathon) than I have any other race and really look forward to doing it again.

In the near term, I am looking forward to running Vail Pass on Thursday with the twins to spectate the USA Pro Cycling Challenge and cheer on the World's best cyclists.

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  1. Uncle. You win. There is no FLIPPING way I would have got DOWN that thing in 41 today.