Sunday, September 4, 2011

Saturday, 09/03/11 Green Mountain Full Double Baby Carry PR

Up/Down front 4 miles/2,282 vert./1:45 RT (57:56 up) 135 avg. HR Garmin Data

OK, a PR was a given, since I have never done this before....  ;)

Day 3 in a row of baby duty, combined with cooler temperatures, had me itching to get in a bit of a longer hike carrying the girls.  After juggling conflicting naps and eating schedules, we finally got out the door a little after 2:30 and got on the trail at 3:02pm.  Heading up Amphitheater was a bit of a grunt and even though the temperature was relatively cool, it still felt hot having a baby on either side of me.  I did not go super hard on this, as to not make the girls uncomfortable, or risk injury to any of us, but it was a deliberately swift walk with the loose intention of getting to the summit in under an hour.  My HR stayed in the ~150s for the climb, but it felt like more than that, probably because my body is just not used to such an effort and was regulating itself a bit.

Both Amelie and Isabelle really seemed to enjoy themselves and did not fuss once, they just looked around, smiled, chatted and slept occasionally.

The descent was a bit of a challenge carrying that much weight down the often steep trail, as the impact is much more static (vs. the more dynamic stesses of the ascent).  I was super careful to not take a fall and not put too much force on my joints, yet was surprised to have made it down 10 minutes quicker than I went up.

Of course we got a lot of attention and comments from the large number of hikers on the trail as I passed.  I sort of felt like a circus act or something, based on the attention we got and felt like one of those "only in Boulder" anomalies.

As fun as this was though, I think I will seek out less steep routes when carrying 2 babies, as it is just plain hard on the steep stuff.  I enjoy the challenge, but I think over time, this could be detrimental for my joints and ligaments.

Amelie (front), Isabelle (back)

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