Sunday, September 18, 2011

Saturday, 09/17/11 S. Mesa Baby Hike

5.19  miles/1,107 vert.

Easy hike with Allison, Sierra and the girls from S. Mesa TH, Mesa, Big Bluestem, Mesa, Shadow Canyon S. Spur, Homestead.  It was hot, then cold/rainy, then warm again which had us constantly debating which way to go.  Amelie lost a hat on Big Bluestem, so I did end up getting in about a half mile of running as I ran back down to search (legs were a little worked from recent baby jogger pushing).  I originally was pushing for a SoBo RT, but was glad to have stuck to the lower/easier trails as I felt like I needed an easy day.

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  1. Those girls are CUTE on your homepage! Good thing they got Allison's genes.