Sunday, October 16, 2011

Saturday, 10/15/11 Bear Canyon

From Bear Mountain Dr.
6.45 miles/1,598 vert.

Had a nice hike with the family up Bear Canyon.  It was quite warm and even though we brought more water than usual, I was still pretty parched by the end.  I was wanting to summit something, but we did not bring any food for the girls, so we were limited on time and had to turn around near the Bear West Ridge jct..

On the way home, we stopped by the pumpkin patch, then once we got home, I quickly headed over to the Boulder Rez to check up on GZ who was running (and leading at mile 56) his first 100 mile race.  I rode my bike along side of him, making some small talk and took a few pictures, but otherwise was generally useless.  I felt bad that I could not be more helpful, but he seemed to have everything well covered.



Amelie, Allison, Isabelle

Amelie, Isabelle

GZ tearing it up on home soil

Coot Lake reflection


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  1. DUDE - you were incredibly helpful. Thank you so much!!