Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wednesday, 10/19/11 Green Mountain

From Chautauqua
Up 3rd access/Down 1st access

4.27 miles/2,629 vert.

Met up with Tony and Aron at Chautauqua a bit after 4pm and headed up Green behind the 3rd Flatiron.  It was my intent to work on dialing the route a bit, but I got so caught up yammering with those guys, I was not paying much attention and got off track a few times.  This was mostly just a fast walk, but as usual, once we hit Greenman, Tony turned on the jets and it was all I could do to keep him in sight as I alternated between hands on the knees hiking and running.

We headed down the NE ridge to the 1st access and spectated Bill and co. doing their not a race 1st Flatiron scramble and I got a bunch of photos.  Stefan of course blew the doors off of everyone and it was great fun to watch.

Tony and Aron

Stefan Griebel showing everyone how it is done

Newcomer Reid Pletcher.  Look out for this guy, he is super fast.

Bill Wright

Dan Mottinger

 Stefan cruising to yet another win

Dave Stewart, Tony, Homie

Bill breaking 40 minutes (way to go Bill!)

Dan finishing up


  1. Great shots - particularly that one of Stefan pouring it on coming down. He looks like he is running the 400 meters. Then again, the one will Bill appearing to be puking over the side of the rock is pretty good too.

    It dawned on me (AGAIN) that we have privilege to hang with some pretty amazing folks. We sort of take it for granted ... I have been chatting with folks and they will talk about some Jesus looking character that they saw running in the snow in shorts WITHOUT socks while they were in their car. Or that guy in the 127 hours movie.

  2. Yeah those are great pictures, and I mean photographer, camera and subject matter.

    The 300 HS also did great at the race the other day in that tough late-day light.

    Not being raised around mountains or really into rock climbing (yet) I find outings such as speed climbing a Flatiron to be kind of mind-boggling.

    Need to do some indoor climbing, to get past some of those fears and because a few of the 14ers, etc. are a bit tougher.