Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Monday, 10/31/11 Davidson Mesa Baby Jogger Run

7.63 miles/319 vert./1:12:27/9:30 min/mile/124 avg. HR

Easy run with Allison and the girls after work.  Awesome warm evening and there was a bittersweetness to it, knowing it was most likely the last post work baby jogger run of the year (snow mid-week, then I am off work late week, then the time change).


  1. Jeff-
    What mods have you made to your Chariot? I just moved from a Bob to a Chariot (put 4,000 miles on the Bob!) and am looking for a way to attach a water bottle.

  2. Hey Eric, the only things I added were the Chariot baby supporters, which were essential when they were younger, but now are just nice to have to help them when it is bumpy, or perhaps protect them in case of a rollover (unlikely but possible). Chariot also makes a bottle carrier, but I found a bracket at REI and then added my own bottle cage. You can also find these at just about any bike shop.

    One other thing that I do, is attach my Garmin 305 to the handlebar to more easily read it (strapping is over an additional piece of pipe insulating foam).

    I have a Bob also (Revolution Duallie), which is great for civilian use (errands, zoo, around town), but the Chariot is FAR superior for running and its versatility can't be beat for the family that enjoys outdoor activity. I also love that I can zip them up and keep them out of the wind/cold/sun or whatever as necessary too. Although pricey, the Chariot is worth every penny, it is one of the best purchases we have made and I can’t imagine life without it.

    Oh, almost forgot another modification….. After several flat tires (luckily somewhat close to home), I added Velox rim strips (the stock rim strips were not so great and may have been causing the flats) and also put in thorn resistant tubes on all 3 wheels to greatly reduce the chances of a flat. It is a little heavier, but worth the weight. I also carry a frame pump from my road bike, a tire lever and spare tubes just in case.


  3. Jeff-Thanks for the tip. Back when I had a Garmin, I had it attached to the BOB as well. I also put Mr. Tuffies in my rims.
    One thing I liked about the BOB was the ability to fine tune the tracking. If the Chariot is off a little bit, it drives me crazy, where with the BOB I could twist the knob and voila.
    I've been trying to find a solution to the no water bottle holder. Your advice about a clip at REI sounds about right. Thanks.
    It's tough to compare a single BOB to a double Chariot. One thing, the BOB folded up much easier, but the Chariot is so, so easy to hook up to the bike.
    Have you tried the xc ski kit to use while running? That's my next purchase, but I want to talk to someone before shelling out $250.
    Thanks a ton.