Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday, 11/17/11 Local Baby Jogger Run

5.01 miles/133 vert./47:11/9:25 pace/119 avg. HR

Easy run with the girls into Louisville and back.  Was hoping to run 12 or more (at least that was the plan early in the week), but I am full on sick and this run was more for getting myself and the girls some fresh air and running an errand.  Swung by the library and returned WAY too many kids books and CDs and was relieved to lighten that heavy load.

We then scoped out some of the course for the upcoming Thanksgiving Turkey Trot race and dialed in the best line through some of the sidewalk sections and such through the park and as you approach the Coal Creek Path.  I plan to be pushing the baby jogger, but I hope to not be relegated to the back and then have to work my way through a crowd.  Ideally, I hope to start 2nd row, far to the left side, as I plan to run this in front of the masses at least.  I don't think the course will be that fast as there are a few bottlenecks, dirt, a sharp (but short) climb and a 180 turn, then opposing traffic on a narrow trail.  Probably not a big deal without a jogger, but something to consider with.

On the way back, we stopped at the park and got in some good swinging, which the girls really love.  Then we found a lost dog and I was able to make a leash out of a baby blanket and swing her by the police station and deliver her to the dog catcher Code Enforcement Officer (noted that if I was ever confronted by her for not having our dog on leash, the chances of her catching us are very slim at best).

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  1. Baby joggers have to start 3 minutes back. Just saying.