Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday, 11/08/11 Green Mountain

Up Front/Down Back
4.71 miles/2,308 vert./59:28 (36:09 up/23:18 down)/155 avg. HR Garmin Data

Great post work run, started off pretty mellow up the front side and eased into moderate pace.  Put on the spikes just before the spring on upper Greenman and pushed a bit harder over the last few minutes, as conditions in the last ~1/4 mile are ideal at the moment.  Was happy to enjoy a few fleeting minutes of sun while relaxing on the summit, but knew that would be short lived.  I took off the spikes for the ~2 minutes or so down to the 4-way and then wore them until the top of Gregory Canyon where they were no longer necessary.  Despite a 23 minute descent (which is reasonably quick for me in the variable conditions), daylight was fading to a point at the end where it was getting a little tough make out trail definition, but still too light to turn on the headlamp I had with me (just in case), so it will not be long before a good bit of my post work run will be in the dark.

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