Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday, 09/22/11 Green Mountain

Up/Down back 5.31 miles/2,352 vert./2:13 (1:20up) 123 avg. HR Garmin Data

Super easy (well, as easy as it can be carrying twins and dealing with a leashed dog (for a while)) hike up/down Green with Amelie, Isabelle and Sierra.  Started off the hike with a bit of a thrill, as there was significant rustling in the bushes on the left side of the trail about a minute into the hike up Gregory.  It sounded like multiple bears, but I could only see the back of one, maybe not even 10 feet away.  Instead of being enthralled like last time, I was scared $hitless and got the hell out of there.

It was an amazing afternoon, clear, calm, perfect temperature, both of the girls and I had an amazing time as  we laughed, chattered and made all kinds of nonsensical noises.  The leaves are slowly starting to change and is looking/smelling more and more like fall.

Spent a few minutes on the summit taking pictures and drinking water.  Bumped into Alex Robertson whom I met on Cyclone/Carbonate 3 years ago (he recognized me and introduced himself, as I probably stand out a bit carrying twins ;)).

Took it easy on the down and made a lot of noise as I got closer to the TH, as I did not want to see that bear again.



All smiles

Surrounded by beautiful girls


Tuckered out


Starting to see some color


  1. I think a sweet video would be you carrying Brandon and me up in that carrier.

  2. Patrick Garcia said he's gonna beat me at the Cheyenne Canon hill climb pushing his two kids in a stroller. You should bring that backpack down and jump in the mix.

  3. I was thinking of this post today running up Gregory to Green. I topped out in 1:07-ish on the Gregory-Ranger-Greenman (middle) route.

    So obviously the secret to running with faster runners is to simply load them down with as many toddlers and pets as possible.

    Skip the bears, because that might make you faster.

  4. Brownie, no chance uphill, carrying or pushing...

    mtnrunner2, Thanks. Toddlers and pets sure do slow things down, but really add to the enjoyment in a different sort of way.

    GZ, more like you carrying me and Brandon.