Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday, 01/16/12 Longmont Run

6.04 miles/44 vert./47:03/7:47 pace/136 avg. HR Garmin Data

Did not really feel like running today, but a malfunctioning breaker at work was causing frequent and frustrating power outages, so I got fed up and just had to get away for a bit.

Figured I would just get in 3 miles, but once I got out the door, realized how nice it was out and became consumed with my Adam Carolla podcast, it was hard for me to head back and it was tempting to keep going, but figured I would stick to my intention of a casual day.

Headed up S. Fordham and maintained a very easy pace, crossed Nelson and just followed the powerlines to Golden Ponds and goofed around up in that area for a bit and headed back.

I have decided to try not taking any days off from running for a while and see how it goes, even if it is just a mile or three from work or home.  But, at least this time of year with all the dressing up, I find it hardly worth the effort to get out for less than 6 miles.  Once I get out there, I always want to do more.

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