Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday, 01/21/12 SoBo/Bear

7.18 miles/3,209 vert./1:58/140 avg. HR  Garmin Data

Sierra and I met Homie at the S. Mesa TH and started up the Homestead Trail at 3:21pm.  Was in the low 60s today, but the wind was kicking up a little at the trailhead.  Only a minor nuisance at the start and on the summits, forgot about it though for most of the run/hike.

Homie started off Brandon style and had me sucking wind for the first 5 or 10 minutes.  Eventually I got warmed up and engaged him in conversation to slow him a bit.  Went pretty casual for the remainder of the time, super slow on the down, as it was either ice or rock and made for some awkward running (if you want to call it that), then we had to wait for Sierra a bit over the final 1.5 miles (where she always "dogs it").

Great afternoon to get out and enjoy catching up with a great friend and my favorite pooch.

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