Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday, 02/10/12 Green Mountain (descent PR)

Up/Down Gregory/Ranger

5.3 miles/2,306 vert./1:04:10 RT (44:18 up/19:51 down)/147 avg. HR  Garmin Data

Was planning to meet Tony and Homie for a lap on Green at 6:45am, but was feeling a little under the weather all day yesterday and bailed on them in the evening, not knowing how I would feel when I awoke this morning.

Woke up and felt better than expected, but my throat was still a little phlegmy and sore.  Regardless though, I could not pass up an opportunity to get outside on such a fine day and in such perfect snow conditions, so I promised myself I would go easy and brought the dog along to ensure that (that and she LOVES this snow even more than I do).

Happened to bump into Tony and Gavin finishing a lap at the Gregory lot and chatted with them for a bit, then headed up Gregory/Ranger.  Took it pretty easy, just going a pace where I would not get too far ahead of Sierra and she actually did a great job keeping up for the most part.

Bumped into Dan B. about 80 seconds from the summit and chatted with him for a while, mostly talking about the new Aussie pup he was going to get today.  Good to see him.

Spent a few minutes on the summit taking in the views (that never get old) and giving Sierra some good hugs and pats (never gets old either).  The trail/trench conditions right now could not be better and without really pushing on the descent (OK, I pushed a bit once or twice, but quickly backed off, as I was literally drowning in my throat mucus), I was able to set what I think is a PR for me on that route, 19:51.  I know now that in equal conditions, without the dog and throat funk, I could take some off of that (averaged a mellow 148 HR for this PR descent).  My feet just felt particularly quick and accurate this morning (greatly aided by the prime smooth track).

Sunday is the next time I can get out and enjoy, so I hope the perfect conditions continue and I feel better by then.


  1. Hey Jeff,
    This is totally unrelated to this post and you don't know me, but I found your blog through a google search trying to find information about running with a bruised sternum. I saw that you hurt your sternum in june 2010. I was wondering if you could let me know how long it took yours to recover completely, and if you had to stop running at all due to it.

  2. Hey Alex. If I remember correctly, I think it took 4-6 weeks until it no longer affected me, though I am sure that time can vary depending on the severity. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Good bumping into you and Sierra Jeff! Got my Aussie - she can't wait to run with you guys on Green. Only downside is gotta wait at least a year before she can do it :-(