Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday, 02/19/12 Green Mountain

4.04 miles/2,281 vert./56:29 RT (37:39 up/18:49 down)/avg. HR 157  Garmin Data

I waffled all day about getting outside for a run, as this on-going sickness thing keeps dragging along.  Though I feel a bit better, my nose and lungs/throat still are not quite right and energy levels/enthusiasm to exercise are a bit lower than normal.  I think some of it has to do with waking up often in the middle of the night coughing and I am a bit tired from lack of sleep.

Still, it was a reasonably nice day and I felt like it could not hurt to head over to Green for a little fresh air to snap me out of my malaise (staring at my computer screen all day was also giving me a headache and making me a bit stir crazy).

Leaving work and enjoying the light of day helped a bit and then once I hit the trail, I felt much better immediately.  Still though, I kept the effort on what felt like the low side of moderate, hiking about 50% of the climb and easy jogging the remainder.  I was happy to not have a wheezing fit on the summit, like on Weds/Thurs, just some minor discomfort.

Took it super easy on the down.

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