Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday, 02/07/12 Green Mountain

Up/Down Front

4.14 miles/2,266 vert./1:02:03 RT (44:35up/17:27 down)  154 avg HR  Garmin Data

Had a really fun run up Green this afternoon in a few more inches of fresh snow.  Went what felt like a super casual pace on the up, kind of a 50/50 jog/hike depending on the snow conditions/gradient and was just enjoying the tranquility and beauty of the freshly falling snow and low cloud ceiling.  Surprised 4 deer in the trail near Amphitheater, so I stopped and talked to them for a little bit (they were looking at me like I was nuts).  Even though it felt very easy, I was still ~1:10 faster than Sunday at 13 bpm lower HR which I was happy with.

The few minutes I spent on the summit were some of the best in a long time for some reason, it was just so cool to have the summit to myself, socked in the clouds, piles of untouched virgin powder coating the trees and rocks, the lighting, the peace and quiet.

The trail in general is setting up nicely, but I am still slowed by the upper 1/4-1/3, as it is less consolidated and the footing seems narrow and somewhat precarious to me.  Went cautious for a while, with a few slips and near crashes, but conditions soon improved and I was cruising a little faster and with more confidence.  Though my descent was nothing in the range of Tony, Homie and Bill, I was happy to set a new descent PR (with a Winter asterisk) of 17:27 for the down.  I think once the snow sets up better, especially on the upper section, I should be able to whittle that down a little bit.  Fun stuff.

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  1. Bummed I sat this one out, but I really think it's for the better. I feel like the trail is still almost in the running crampon range right now...I might bust those out for the first time tomorrow morning.

    Also, the downhilling this winter has me super curious to give the downhill a more serious effort this spring/summer in dry conditions. I'd like to think I could go in the 16min range a la Nuttleman, but who knows. Without snow it's a totally different beast.