Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday, 02/22/12 Windy Day on Green

Up 1st saddle/Down G/S/A

3.56 miles/2,273 vert./1:09:10 RT (45:12 up)/avg. HR 152  Garmin Data

Windy is an understatement, hurricane is more like it.  Picked up Dave at his place and headed to the Gregory TH for a balmy, yet breezy jaunt up Green.  The snow conditions were pretty miserable, deep slush where the trail should be packed, or soft, deep, drifted wet snow where the wind has all but obliterated what was once a nice packed trench.

Went pretty casual on the up and down, stopping often to hit the deck to avoid being knocked to the ground by the wind and occasionally needed to cling to a rock or tree for good measure.  This was definitely one of the most, if not THE most windy conditions I have been in on the local peaks (but not nearly as bad as a few occasions in the high mountains).  Gusts at NCAR were recorded at 88mph, but it might have been a bit more than that high on Green.

Despite the less than ideal conditions, it was great to get out with Dave again and we had a really fun time.

Oh, and while finishing up, we noticed a tree had fallen across the Amphitheater Trail while we were on the mountain (a small one though).

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