Monday, March 19, 2012

Sunday, 03/18/12 The Remainder Of The Week

Wednesday, 03/14/12 Green Mountain (up/down NE ish)

3.12 miles/2,285 vert./55:57(34:36 up)/avg. HR 156  Garmin Data

OK effort on the up, but lost some time slipping and sliding in the soft snow on upper Greenman without spikes, which would have helped, but were hardly worth carrying.  Very easy down the snow, then a little quicker once on the mostly dry NE Ridge.

Thursday, 03/15/12 Local Baby Jogger Run

10 miles/296 vert./1:17:50/7:47 pace/avg HR 147 

Mellow to moderate run to Runners Roost, to Lowes to pick up a few things, then up the steep and loose (feels steep when pushing a double jogger) connector to Davidson Mesa, petted horses and then did an extra outer lap before heading home.

Friday, 03/16/12 Local Baby Jogger Run

5.05 miles/119 vert./40:34/8:02 pace/avg. HR 135

Tour de Playgrounds.  Wanted to go longer, but between Gymboree Class, naps and other things going on, I was lucky to sneak in 5 miles to various playgrounds, which was fine because once I got running, I did not feel like doing much more.

Saturday, 03/17/12  Mountain Bike Ride

~18 miles/1,300 vert.

Loaded the girls into the bike mode Chariot for an adventure ride that included a dark and muddy tunnel under 36, a cemetary, overgrown grassy double track, working our way through a barbed wire fence, cruising nice wide dirt singletrack on the Mayhoffer/Singletree Trail and going down, up, down the Koppenburg hill (~17% where S. 66th meets Coal Creek Dr.).  Then of course more playgrounds.  Super warm day, maybe mid to upper 70s?

Sunday, 03/18/12  Green Mountain

Up A/S/G, Down Bear Canyon

8.19 miles/2,707 vert./1:31:20 (38:21 up)/avg. HR 143  Garmin Data

Fairly mellow run, taking it somewhat easy to not jostle too much, as I stupidly banged up my ribs on a steep and curvy playground slide the previous day.  Even though I have trouble getting in/out of bed, I was surprisingly OK while running rough trails.  Go figure.  It was super windy when I left work and the sky was brown with dust and dirt, but once at the Gregory lot, things had calmed a bit and I even enjoyed a bit of sunshine on the summit and while running down Bear Canyon.  Driving home it looked like the sky was falling, super dark brown sky, like a giant dirt tornado bearing down on the foothills.

OK, the $hit "___" says videos are a little over played, but I thought these were pretty funny (if you are a cyclist).

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