Sunday, April 8, 2012

Saturday, 04/07/12 Democrat, Cameron, Lincoln, Bross (Decalibron)

From Kite Lake

7 miles/3,504 vert./3:21

Start: 8:34am
Democrat: 9:33 (then a 10 minute break)
Cameron: 10:28
Lincoln:  10:39 (then another 10 or so minute stop)
Bross:  11:18
Finish:  11:55am

Homie, Sierra and I got out for a long overdue outing on the "Decalibron" Saturday.  We were able to drive all the way to Kite Lake (unusual for early April), as there is very little snow and it had been plowed because of an incident a few weeks ago.

Took it pretty easy for the most part, just casually hiking and chatting most of the time.  There was very little snow on the route, but Microspikes were quite helpful at times, primarily on the upper section of Democrat, but otherwise were just a luxury (many on/offs).

The day was very clear, but it was very cold and windy most of the time, which had us bundled up pretty good under winter hats, balaclavas, softshells, hardshells and I was even happy to have my warmest Winter mitts.  Homie and I were not digging the wind/cold so much, but Sierra was really loving it and was totally in her element.  It was great to get to the higher elevations, as it has been over 3 months.  Even though our pace was pretty relaxed for the most part, I felt surprisingly good at 14,000 feet and hope to start getting up there a bit more regularly.

A few pics:

Sierra on Democrat and very happy to be back at 14,000+ feet

Quandary, North Star, Lincoln, Cameron

Sierra on Lincoln

Back at Cameron from Lincoln

Bross is next and last

You know it has to be cold when you see Homie bundled up like this.

My best mountain pal

Shedding layers near the end.


  1. Great stuff, nice job and nice pics!
    I'm looking at hiking it with a few friends potentially next weekend (weather/wind pending) -- but we would probably have an incomplete mix of spikes, ice axes, and poles. If some of them don't have microspikes, would the snow on Democrat still manageable? (With either slower progress by kicking steps, or a longer route that avoids snowfields)? Thanks!

  2. Thanks guys.

    Mike, it would be no problem without spikes in the conditions we had, as you could bypass the minimal amount of snow, or just carefully deal with it. Spikes were just a luxury in spots more than a necessity.

  3. Thanks for the beta! Watching this wknd's snow and hoping for another high pressure next weekend...