Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesday, 04/04/12 S. Boulder/Bear Peak

From S. Mesa TH

7.48 miles/3,183 vert./2:19:16/avg. HR 135  Garmin Data

Easy hike/jog with Sierra this morning (about 75% was hiking).  Towhee was aweful mud, the type that clumps up in several lb chunks on the bottom of your feet and causes complete loss of traction.  Shadow was increasingly snowy, not too slick on the up, but I was the first one through today and as it got to be 5-6 inches deep, footing was a little tricky.  The uppermost section of SoBo was a bit better than 1.5 weeks ago, as the snow underneath was solid and the true path was easy to follow.  The boulders on the upper section though were absolutely treacherous, as they were all coated with quarter inch thick glare ice, then covered with snow.  It took a long time to negotiate this section on all fours and even Sierra was finding it to be a bit of a challenge.

Headed over to Bear and as expected, the upper section was pretty iced over and required some added care, but was not quite as bad as SoBo.

All in all a slow, but very fun and rewarding outing with my dog.  The fresh coating of snow was absolutely amazing and it was great having this all to ourselves.

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