Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday, 05/27/13 Bolder Boulder

6th/408 in 41 y/o age group
383/20188 Gender Place
427 overall

Had a great time today despite not running my best race.  I went into it with realistic expectations, knowing that I am dealing with a few physical ailments/injuries and also went into this with about 0 specific preparation.  Still, I hoped that I would be able to pull off a magic sort of day and surprise myself, but I knew very soon that it was not to be.

Aside from not having done any specific preparation, my biggest hindrance was having pulled something in my chest last week hauling large flagstone pavers to the back yard.  One in particular was too big to handle on my own and I knew it as soon as I lifted it out of the van, but I was committed.  Sure enough, something went pop.  This has really limited me to shallow breaths and the impact from running hurts a good bit.  Even throat clearing is impossible when running.  I have a laundry list of excuses, but this is the main one I can lean on this year ;).

As always though, it was a great time and I was satisfied to at least break 40 minutes, get a bonus t-shirt and am happy to have placed in my age group.  I got to chat with a bunch of friends and acquaintances, Bill W, Shad M, David P, Gerald B, Ben K, Jeremy P and others.  Even busted Nick P. poaching schwag at the expo.

I debated heading to Green to absolve myself of my road sins, but for the first time ever after running BB, I headed home in favor of some quality family time at the beach with Homie and family.

Bill and I

Post race (note the awesome shirt ;).

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  1. Thanks again for the ride out of there and it was good chatting with you!