Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday, 08/24/13 USA Pro Challenge

Friday, 08/23/13 Vail Pass Time Trial

Was planning to take the girls up for this, as we did 2 years ago, but got a full on solo hall pass at the last minute, so headed up with my friend Pete K.  We parked on Vail Pass and biked the 5.21 miles down the stage finish, locked our bikes and walked down to the 1k to go banner.  It was easy to see the riders as there was hardly anybody down there, but it seemed like one dude after another just out for a bike ride up the hill.

We both decided that the nuttiness going on near the 500 meter to go banner would be way more fun.  And it was.  What an absolute insanely loud dance party of a scene.  There was a DJ there BLARING fun dance music and many were dressed in crazy costumes, getting their groove on in the middle of the path.  The dance crowd would clear out only long enough for the lead moto, rider and team car, then back at it.  Normally, I go to great lengths to avoid crowds and dance parties, but this was a rare exception where more crazy loud people made it more fun.

Tejay won, setting a course record of 25:01 and consolidated his overall lead.

Riding Vail Pass on a carbon road bike is WAY easier than pushing twins in a double jogger as we did in 2011.  Pete and I got hammered by a pretty good hail and lightning storm on the way back up the pass, so I was glad to not have the kids.

Video I took that shows many of the riders and the general crazy scene going on.

Chris Froome.  Won the Tour, but his form is a bit off here in Colorado.

Saw this guy on the live coverage every day.

Rocking out to Van Halen Panama

Everyone rocking out and I even tapped my foot and bobbed my head the whole time.  With just a few drinks, I might have got my groove on in road too.

Saturday, 08/24/13

The girls and I headed up to Loveland to watch the start of Stage 6.  Got to mull around the staging area, checking out the bikes, buses, chatted with a few of the riders I know.  When I go watch a local crit, I think to myself how glad I am to not be bike racing any more.  Then when I go to these events.  I really miss the big International races, where there is so much commotion, hundreds of thousands of fans, helicopters, police escort, tv cameras, autograph seekers, Phil and Paul.  Jens is still doing it, so maybe it is not too late afterall?  Nah.

Debated my options after we watched them start and then pass through again 30 minutes later.  Nick invited us up to his place to watch and we also thought about catching the finish in downtown Ft. C, but it was hot and I figured it would be tough on the girls and a pain to negotiate a double jogger through the crowds, so we headed home.

Stage 6 Video

Jen's bike.  Note "Shut up legs" on the downtube.

For my friend Kevin who shares the same last name.

Strategic vantage to get shots of Sagan I can only assume.

Jens had a huge fan base.  At 41 he is still one of the biggest bad asses in the peleton.

Jens signing

Jens again


This guy won some big French race in July

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  1. That video was FAN-TASTIC. I'm so sorry I missed out, maybe next year. Cycling, meet Colorado. Colorado, Cycling. Disco-ball Head Guy, the dude in the yellow bear suit, it's all gold. Sounds like a fantastic day.

    I rode that path last year when I rode the mountain bike from Vail Pass through trails to the resort, down into town (had lunch at Joe's Deli) then rode back up the pass. It was hard as hell, but there were still messages painted on the pavement from the Challenge cheering on various riders, and hey, it's in the mountains so how bad can it be.